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julia segal

julia is the lead singer, songwriter, and keyboardist of reverie. she has been singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember. she is currently a junior at gunn high school and plays the piano, guitar, and has been a member of the ising silicon valley girlchoir for the past 8 years!


brindha jaeger

brindha is the drummer of reverie and she is currently a junior at gunn high school. she has been playing the drums for the past 6 years. she enjoys playing lacrosse, playing the drums, and being in nature!


greg kochnev

greg is the bassist/electric guitarist of reverie. he is currently a junior at gunn high school, and moved to palo alto from russia at the age of 8. along with the bass and guitar, greg plays the drums and does vocals. he enjoys listening to metal and spending time with friends!


maddy druker

maddy is the backup singer of reverie and is currently a senior at palo alto high school. she met julia through their choir, ising. she enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, and working on her school's news station!


nick ferguson

nick is the latest addition to reverie and plays the electric guitar and bass in reverie. he is a junior at gunn high school and has been playing the guitar for the past 7 years. nick enjoys all genres of music (and i mean all), is in the boy scouts, and does constant work with his local community through the teens arts council of palo alto. 

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